Great result!

Gongratulations Jake Bramble on a great result at Bega Rally 2019. Haltech ECU and dash supplied and tuned by Newcastle Dyno Centre.Call us when your engine management could do with an upgrade

Air conditioning just not blowing like it used to?

This time of year a lot of cars struggle with blockage of cabin filters (also known as pollen filters). These filters prevent pollen and allergens from entering your car. Often overlooked by some workshops this can put undue strain on your cars heating/cooling system. Call us for a thorough service and safety inspection 4961 4961 … More Air conditioning just not blowing like it used to?

Torque Optimisation

A quick demo of how we are able to optimise the performance of your car. Here we have the car (RS Turbo Liberty) on the dyno , its speed is controlled by the dyno and we are plotting actual torque at the wheels versus ignition timing to find the optimum for the car at that … More Torque Optimisation

What’s stopping you?

Don’t wait until it’s too late , if your brakes don’t sound or feel quite right putting off repairs will only cost more in the long run.  This car’s brake pads disintegrated damaging the discs , turning routine maintenance into an expensive repair.  Book your service , a full brake inspection is included. 4961 4961