Diesel catch cans….what’s the go?

Well there is a lot of talk about catch cans lately, what are they and why does your hitech diesel need one?

Many modern diesel engines can over time develop sludge build up in the intake manifold , this can cause lack of power , excess fuel consumption and black smoke from the exhaust. The problem occurs when exhaust gasses from the EGR system (Exhaust Gas Recirculation , part of the emission control system) mix with oil vapours from the engine breathers.Removing the EGR system is illegal and can affect the engine from performing as designed.

We sell and recommend Pro Vent catch can kits , vehicle specific kits come with moulded hoses and fabricated brackets to make installation a breeze.

Sure there are similar looking kits online but they lack the pressure relief valve built into the kits to stop over pressurising the crankcase in the event of a blocked filter

Call us for a great deal we can supply and fit 4961 4961

Check out how much condensation and oil we stopped from travelling through the turbo ,intercooler and manifold of this low km Triton. We collected this much in only 5000 km of driving

For a great result why not combine it with an on car clean