Mitsubishi Diesel Tuning


Now tuning late Model Mitsubishi Diesel Triton , Pajero And Challenger.

How can you improve on the factory tune?

Easy –

the factory tune is mass produced , every car gets the same.By logging your vehicles performance and data we can provide a custom tune that better suits YOUR CAR.

the factory allows a large buffer for cars that are not maintained or running on incorrect fuel

Gains of 11% in torque and 13% power can be achieved through blueprinting a tune to suit your car.Even greater gains can be had by modifying the way the car breathes , contact us for more options

Can’t I get the same result from a “chip”?

No a “chip” just fools the Engine Control Unit by intercepting and manipulating some of the signals.While it can put in more fuel it cannot process advanced feature such as boost control and injector timing.

A “chip” is also mass produced and not calibrated for YOUR CAR .


NDC triton automatic tune

Gains in a mechanically stock automatic Triton

triton dyno print
Gains in power and torque on a mechanically stock 2010 Triton

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